On The Trail of St Brigid Traditions / Ireland
1 Feb 2023
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This year on Monday 06 February 2023, in Ireland, there will be the first new annual public holiday in honour of this saint, whose feast day is celebrated on the 1st of February. Who is St Brigid?
Blue Sharks in Penzance
13 Jul 2022
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The blue shark snorkel trip takes place 15-20 miles out to sea, departing from Penzance harbour. Frozen chum is dropped into the water to attract the sharks, then we wait. 2 hours pass before any activity, then 2, 3, 4, sharks appear and we jump into the water. The waves are big and you can't see the bottom, the sharks swim up to the snorkellers and take a good look. It's not for the faint hearted. More sharks arrive, attracted by the chum and the activity. All swimmers are dressed in dark colours, no brights colours are allowed as this attracts the sharks. You don't want too much attention from the Blues. You feel something touch your fins, and swim by. Looking ahead the sea is clear and baren, but there may be something behind you. The Blues circle us, they approach head on, then dive down at the last second, like a game of chicken. We are never alone now, there are more and more sharks, swimming at all sides. It's so peaceful underwater and not at all threatening. The sharks are just as curious of us as we are of them. What a privilege to come face to face with a species that has survived for millions of years and is a perfect predator.
9/11 World Trade Center Destruction / NYC
11 Sep 2001
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September 11, 2001, NYC. Four US airplanes were hijacked by members of the Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda with the intent of carrying out suicide missions to US locations in Washington DC & New York City. Two of the planes were flown into the Twin Towers in New York City, inevitably taking both towers down & killing 2, 753 people & injuring thousands more.~~I remember that morning so vividly, I woke up to a message on my answering machine from my ex-boyfriend - "something happened to the towers get your camera and go out!" I can see the towers from the street I live on, still not knowing exactly what happened I turned on the news just as the 1st tower fell. I immediately ran out down Sixth Avenue the whole-time having the 2nd Tower in sight. When I stopped, I was probably still about a mile and a half away & watched in horror along with hundreds of other New Yorkers. Within a few minutes I started to hear a gut-wrenching low rumble, and with that the second tower came down. These photos were taken the day of, and the days following.
Summer Solstice
21 Jun 2022
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Members of the Wirral Blue Tits celebrated the longest day by taking a sunrise dip in the Irish Sea. The swimmers took to the sea at 4.30am ready to see the sun rise over Liverpool at 4.44am.~Leasowe Bay, Wirral, Merseyside, United Kingdom - 21st June 2022~Credit: Sara Porter/ ShotByWome
The People of Primavera
11 Jun 2022
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Making Ravioli by Hand
23 Jun 2021
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The Deniers
5 Nov 2021
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PX3 State of the World 2021 Award winner. The series captures a moment of protest during the first year of the Covid 19 Pandemic. In November 2020 the UK was still in strict lockdown. This, although supposedly the Million Mask March (an annual anti government demonstration) became what was noticeably the first anti-lockdown, anti covid protest. The police response was swift and aggressive and the protest was stifled within a couple of hours.
I Just Slipped
24 Sep 2021
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I Just Slipped series of photographs. Staged photos depicting domestic abuse, in collaboration with the women's shelter in Malmo
28 Mar 2022
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The Rohingya are described as world's most persecuted minority"~~Originally a muslim ethnic group from Myanmar, which is a Buddhist majority nation, they were refused citizenship and were murdered, pilfered, raped and driven out of their homes in masses in 2017, by Myanmar's military rule.~~Since then, the Rohingyas have effectively become the largest stateless population of the world. They do not count in the census of any nation and hence are a human race, that doesn't really exist for the world.~~Over a million of them have been taking refuge in neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and India but even in those nations their status is that of an "illegal immigrant" and not "refugee".~~Needless to say the conditions in which they live in those camps isn't for the faint hearted.~~The camp that I visited in Delhi did not have a toilet for an entire camp with over 500 refugees. So they walk almost a km to an open field, each time they need to attend to nature's call.~~But despite being the most marginalised community perhaps on earth... it isn't that the tussle between the powerful and the weak ends here. The Rohingya men perpetuate this circle of social abuse by oppressing women from their community and stripping them off the most basic human rights.~~But whom do these women go to find redress? How do they break the cycle of abuse? How do they secure the future of their children? And most importantly, How do they become Visible again?~Thanks to The Azadi Project that helped me in creating this series.
Changing the Conversation
23 Aug 2021
31 files
Photographer Sujata Setia is the Gold winner of the AOP Open Award 2021-2022 with her powerful series of images 'Changing The Conversation'
Food Bank - Cost of Living Crisis / UK
13 May 2022
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The Capital Ring Walk / London
By Suzanne Plunkett
24 Apr 2016
30 files
The Capital Ring Walk is a walk which circumnavigates London. it is divided into 15, easy-to-walk sections and covers 78 miles (126KM) of open space, nature reserves, Sites of Specific Scientific Interest and more.
Pysanky Painting
12 Apr 2022
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Pysanky is the Ukrainian Easter egg tradition. Designs are drawn with wax and the eggs are dyed in layers, beginning with the lightest color and working up to red or black. At the end, the wax is removed to reveal an elaborately decorated egg.
Frank Bowling in Studio
8 Apr 2021
55 files
Abstract artist Frank Bowling in his studio, in London.
Islamic Fashion in Turkey
30 Nov 2012
29 files
Photo-series exploring Islamic Fashion in Turkey.
Médecins Sans Frontières Maternity Clinic
20 Sep 2014
33 files
Médecins Sans Frontières maternity clinic at Domiz refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.
The Last Narrow Gauge Railroad - Bulgaria
By Jodi Hilton
23 May 2021
20 files
The Rhodope Narrow Gauge railroad is the last of its kind in Bulgaria. Due to the isolation and, until recently, lack of good roads, many communities have depended on the Rhodope Narrow Gauge Railroad to reach bigger towns, schools and hospitals and in order to make a living.
Last Tattooed Women of Kobani - Syria
10 Oct 2014
8 files
Black and white portraits of 'last tattooed women of Kobani' take in Syria in October 2014.
Imam San Cham - Cambodian muslims
9 Jan 2018
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The Imam San Cham trace the Kingdom of Champa (present-day Vietnam) and practice a unique syncretic form of Islam blended with elements of other Asian religions. For this reason, they are oftentimes targeted by Islamic missionaries wishing to convert them to "Modern Cham" a more conservative and mainstream form of Sunni Islam.
Traditional Kurdish Village in South-Eastern Turkey
24 Mar 2011
28 files
Daily life in Yuvacali, a Kurdish village in the Urfa Province of South-eastern Turkey.
Migrant Construction Workers - India
17 Mar 2008
15 files
Men, women and children from Odisha and West Bengal at a construction site in Bengaluru, India. Poverty and lack of jobs motivates whole families, including the elderly and infants, to migrate to cities to work, oftentimes living in temporary structures on the worksite. Photographed during the construction of a college auditorium at Mt. Carmel College in Bangalore.
Truck Art in Pakistan
23 Mar 2011
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Truck art is common in Southeast Asia and varies according to region. Decorations can include paintings, structural changes, calligraphy and ornamental-decor.
Kushti Wrestlers of Cotton Street Kolkata, India
By Vicki Couchman
21 Dec 2017
10 files
The ancient Indian form of wrestling has been practiced for centuries. Local men arrive around dawn to train before work or study. The Ankara gym is sacred ground for them and nobody but wrestlers are allowed inside. The soil is sourced from the banks of the Ganges and then very carefully treated to sift out stones and pebbles. Ayurvedic oils, turmeric, Multani mitti clay from Multan salt, and neem are then added. The soil from the Ankara is turned over daily before their daily rituals with a Hanuman Bajrang Bali prayer followed by a series of physical exercises - the mace, gada weights, ropes, bars and aerobics. They will then take turns wrestling and then wind down with massage and a full wash before they leave for work.~~Shot by Vicki Couchman
Kumbh Mela
By Vicki Couchman
8 May 2016
65 files
The Kumbh Mela is the biggest spiritual gathering in the World and attracts up to 10 million Hindu pilgrims a day from all corners of India, who believe bathing in the the holy waters during the month long festival will cleanse them of their sins. These holy men gather together on this auspicious morning in a private ritual which has great spiritual significance.~Shot By Vicki Couchman
Traveling with Sea Shepherd in 2019
7 Mar 2022
47 files
Traveling with Sea Shepherd here in 2019 the Gabonese Fisheries inspect boats fishing in their waters. They arrive unannounced on any vessel. This Chinese trawler was boarded to check they were trawling with the correct size nets and complying with the law on all other matters. They travel with the marines who are trained to deal with any problems that might occur.
Calypso Deep Expedition DSV
7 Mar 2022
74 files
The Calypso Deep Expedition 9th - 12th February 2020 on DSSV Pressure Drop owned by explorer and adventurer Victor Vescovo, run by EYOS Expeditions. On this expedition Victor Vescovo and H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco dove to the deepest point of the Mediterranean Sea just off Kalamata, Greece, in Victor's full ocean depth submersible DSV Limiting Factor.~Shot By Tamara Stubbs
Chernobyl Nuclear PowerStation
7 Mar 2022
32 files
Chernobyl Nuclear Powerstation. Shot by Tamara Stubbs
The Last Of The Billingsgate Fish Porters
By Claudia Leisinger
7 Mar 2022
36 files
The Last Of The Billingsgsgate Fish Porters By Claudia Leisinger
A Day In The Life Of Gravediggers
By Claudia Leisinger
4 Mar 2022
12 files
A Day In The Life Of South London Gravediggers -~London, Camberwell New Cemetery, Brenchley Gardens, Southwark, SE23, Gravediggers, 23.02.07 © Claudia Leisinger 2007
Corona Routine
By Romy Fernandez
3 Mar 2022
30 files
From March 2020, Nijmegen. I started taking photos of our life the day after my partner starts to work from home in March. He works in a company that is located in Brabant, which is the 'hot point' of the Covid-19 in The Netherlands. Most of the companies there ordered work from home even before The Prime Minister, Mark Rutte may advised working from home. As Spanish living abroad, the whole situation has caused a big impact on our lives and our routines.~~A photo-series by Romy Fernandez
Honduran Government Cracks Down on Mara Gangs
By Jodi Hilton
2 Mar 2022
52 files
A series exploring how the Honduran government clash with the local Mara gangs. ~~A photo-series by Jodi Hilton
Ukraine After Independence 1992
By Suzanne Plunkett
2 Mar 2022
58 files
A series of scans from 35mm negatives, taken in Ukraine, a few months after the country achieved independence from Russia in 1991 (Images shot in early 1992)~~A photo-series by Suzanne Plunkett
My Dark Place
By Suzanne Plunkett
3 Dec 2021
30 files
Photographers across the country have found interesting spaces in their homes to carve out as darkrooms. Garages, log cabins, closets, laundry rooms, attics, larders, sheds, and even a bedroom are featured in these portraits of the photographers who slave away under red safe lamps to create magical, B&W images. In the age of digital photography, it is so easy to snap a photo, retouch it and send it around the work in an instant through social media. However, there is still a small band of photographers who prefer the meditative process of printing their own photographs from negatives. I have interviewed all the photographers featured in my series, asked them what motivates them to keep a darkroom and have followed up with how it is going since the lockdown.~~A photo-series by Suzanne Plunkett
Working Hands - Kayleigh Innes
3 Dec 2021
4 files
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