Floral Portrait Session / Non-Binary
28 Mar 2023
24 files
Moments of Solitude
19 Feb 2023
15 files
A series about finding self without needing to perform for society or the male gaze. A self reflective and solitary moment.
Cosmetics Swatches
4 Jan 2023
16 files
Frozen Flowers
11 Nov 2022
13 files
Flowers frozen in solid ice
Impressions of Venice
4 May 2022
10 files
A man with a trolley unloading boxes from a boat for the Rialto market. Docks and pontoons on the Grand Canal, Canal Grande, behind, all seen through light-filtering curtain at one end of the fresh fish market.
Artists mannequin
14 Apr 2022
9 files
City Life - Public Transport
5 Apr 2022
28 files
Reflection series
5 Apr 2022
22 files
Cyclists - Motion Blur
5 Apr 2022
6 files
Spotlight on Depression Series
5 Apr 2022
13 files
Series of self portraits showing what it feels like living with Depression and Anxiety
Shadow Series
4 Apr 2022
53 files
Shadow Series shot by Aleksandra Prlincevic Milovic
My New Normal
By Suzanne Plunkett
17 May 2021
16 files
My New Normal~How do we define ourselves now?~Throughout the lockdown, I heard many career women talk about feeling like a~"1950's housewife." They have found that their family roles have been reversed,~intensified and turned upside down.~Some have struggled with their new roles and some have embraced them. Cooking and~cleaning have taken on a new importance as many homes are now filled with family~members around the clock.~By many accounts, women's careers are being seriously sidelined as a direct result of the~pandemic. For some, this means that their lives have become 1950's cliches, with mothers~now responsible for the majority of childcare and housework.~Research has found that nearly three quarters of mothers in the UK have come to view~themselves as the "default" parent during the lockdown period and beyond. The~University of Sussex study also said that 70% of women reported them as responsible for~all or most home schooling.~~A photo-series by Suzanne Plunkett
Women of my Generation
By Fanny Beckman
2 Mar 2022
11 files
Fine Art project questioning beauty standards by showing diversity~A Photo-Series by Fanny Beckman
Modern Hunter Gatherer
By Claudia Leisinger
3 Dec 2021
25 files
A series exploring how our roles changed during the pandemic. A hunter/gatherer role was assumed, once, again, as man battles with the outside world in search of sustenance.~~A photo-series by Claudia Leisinger
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