Search for Images

All images are described using captions and keywords and all have a unique 8 digit image identification number.
To find what you are looking for, enter one or more keywords in the search box and click the 'Search' button or press Enter.
You may also search by image number or photographer name.

Getting specific results

You can simply enter one or more words in the search box to find images that have the words that you entered.
For example dog cat searches for images that have both the word dog and the word cat.
Searching for words separated by spaces is the same as using the AND operator, e.g. cat and dog.

To find images that have either dog or cat, use the OR operator. For example dog or cat.

You can create more complicated Boolean searches by using brackets. To find images that have either cat or dog but also the word mouse, search for (cat or dog) and mouse

If you are unsure of spelling, you can use the LIKE operator. This returns images with words that "sound like" the word you have entered.
For example, searching for like camoflage may return images that are keyworded with camouflage.

Using wildcards

Single character wildcards (?) and multiple character wildcards (*) may also be used in keyword searches. This is especially useful when unsure of spelling.
Please note that wildcard searches may take somewhat longer to execute.

lion* and play*
Displays images with keywords such as lion, lioness, lionfish, etc. and also such keywords as play, playful, playing, etc.
In general this is a "starts with" search requesting the display of all images with keywords spelled beginning with the letters prior to the * wildcard.

Displays images with such keywords as butterfly, mayfly, dragonfly or any other keyword ending with fly.
In general this is an "ends with" search displaying any images with keywords ending with the letters following the * wildcard.

Displays images with keywords spelled beginning with ba and ending with g with any number of letters in between such as balancing, bathing, barking, etc.
In general, a search like this displays images with keywords starting and ending with specified characters.

Displays images with keywords beginning with d and ending with g and with a single letter separating them. Matching keywords might include dig, dug or dog.

Searching with filters

On the search page you'll find a panel with several search filters that you can use to refine your search results.
For example to find only vertical images. You can add further filters to narrow your search, or remove active filters to broaden the search results.