Image ©Linda Wride

Pricing explained

All of our content is rights managed only because we value both our contributors and their content.

Our pricing structure is made up of different factors to ensure that both our customers and contributors are getting the best return on their investment.

Unique to the SHOTBYWOMEN platform, the ‘Usage Licence History’ feature saves time for customers who are trying to source authentic brand content to license for exclusive periods.


All unique content which has never before, been licensed for either editorial or commercial use, is valued as premium. You can select ‘first rights’ in your advanced search list if you would like to narrow your search to view this type of content only.


Content that has been submitted to SHOTBYWOMEN on an exclusive or co-exclusive basis is priced at our standard rate.


Content that has been submitted with an ‘unknown’ usage license history fits into this category.

Pricing Calculator

You can use our platform calculator to price up your images ahead of purchase by selecting the type of use that you require, alongside the size, placement, territory, period and print run if required. We are just a click away to assist you at any time when required.