Image ©Aleksandra Prlincevic Milovic

our mission

Our world is filled with exceptionally talented women photographers, yet so little of their content is available to license through existing image library platforms. Only discoverable images can be selected for publication.

Opinions, habits, and decisions are often arrived at through the published media we consume daily. With over 80% of it shot from a male gaze, how truthful a representation of our world can that be?

The driving force behind SHOTBYWOMEN is to raise the stats in published women-created content, ensuring that future generations are provided with a fairer, more truthful, gender balanced visual representation of the world.


unite • support • promote

This community-centred platform is built to promote, encourage, and engage global women and feminine-of-centre photographers.

We aim to unite women photographers, related groups and events in one safe and trustworthy place.

We value our contributing photographers and their content, provide them with end-to-end support, and promote them through our platform and marketing channels for discovery, connection, and additional revenue stream potential.

In turn we will deliver to our customers a library brimming with unique content to license.

making it easy for you

The ShotByWomen collection is curated for quality from content shot exclusively by women and feminine-of centre photographers.

Our front-end design ensures that customers can perform a quick and easy search, licence and download of content.

Providing immediate access to accurate historical information, about both the content and its creators.

*including previous usage licence history where possible*

Our knowledgeable team are always at the ready to provide assistance, and support to both contributors and customers.

representing the world through the eyes of women

We are very excited to be working on a project so close to our hearts, and hope that you share our passion for creating positive change in our industry.