Meet the Team

At Shot By Women we have a keen desire for positive diversification in the photographic industry. Our team is fuelled with a passion for photography, and we are both dedicated and motivated to being part of a changing focus.

Company Founder and Director Tabatha is a highly experienced and knowledgeable photographer. At different points throughout her career, she spent time working as assignment editor, picture editor and picture researcher at major content licence and distribution establishments. Her experiences from inside the office as well as out in the field, gave her valuable working tools enabling her to bring together the perfect balance for contributors and image buyers with the Shot By Women concept.

Client Relationship Manager Melissa has a marketing and business background. She has gained a wealth of experience in relationship management working across both the public and private sectors. Melissa is focused on customer centricity and building long-term partnerships to meet shared goals and generate new business.

Archive and Contributor Manager Mimi is academically trained in the history of art and photography. With her chosen specialist field being the work of female photographers such as Anne Brigman and Vivian Maier, she jumped at the chance to work with shotbywomen. Mimi’s training in archiving and curation, ensures that our collection is gallery managed with extensive keywording to save clients and customers time and effort when searching through our unique content.

Bespoke Licensing is handled by Lucy who has over 10 years’ experience working with all aspects of the image licensing world. She has formed strong relationships with clients and peers from within the realms of magazines, newspapers, book publishing, record labels, ad agencies and more. Her knowledge of the image licensing industry, coupled with her belief in the ethos behind Shot By Women, means that she is extremely well placed in her role.

Marketing and PR Manager Tilly paves the way for our brand to grow visually. She has a bachelor of arts degree in Photography and experience working in graphic design. Through managing our social media accounts, Tilly promotes, communicates and continues to grow our ever evolving community of contributing photographers.

Brand Ambassador Olivia Harris spent five years working as a picture editor at The Times. She has an abundance of experience researching, commissioning, and editing hundreds of thousands of images. Olivia says "Working on news, where male bylines dominate, I have become acutely aware of the underrepresentation of female photographers in the media. After my successful Instagram shout-out, I know there are thousands out there, but there’s clearly a disconnect between them and publications. SHOTBYWOMEN is a vital addition to the media landscape. By encouraging, promoting and communicating with female photographers, we can definitively bridge the gap."

Advisory Team consists of highly experienced legal, accounting, change management, sales and marketing specialists.

we look forward to providing you with the very best of service so please don’t hesitate to contact us!