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18 Sep 2022
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Justice for Mahsa Amini demonstration / London
24 Sep 2022
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State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II / London UK
19 Sep 2022
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In Memory of HRH Queen Elizabeth II / Worldwide
17 Sep 2022
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Global events surrounding the passing of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II
Chris Kaba Rally /New Scotland Yard, London
17 Sep 2022
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National Diversity Awards 2022 / Liverpool. UK
16 Sep 2022
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National Diversity Awards 2022 at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool UK on 16 September 2022
Stop Rwanda Plan Demonstration / London
5 Sep 2022
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London, UK. 05 September 2022: Protestors gather outside the Royal Courts Of Justice in London for a mass demonstration against the flights to Rwanda, put in place by the Government to reduce numbers of refugees living in the UK.
Prague Pride 2022 / Czech Republic
13 Aug 2022
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Gay Pride Canal Parade / Amsterdam.
6 Aug 2022
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The Canal Parade is what Amsterdam Gay Pride is famous for. It's the crown on their two weeks lasting festival that features more than 200 events. The boats start at the Scheepvaart museum at the eastern part of the city center moving towards the Amstel river. The floats continue from there taking the Prinsengracht towards the Westerdok.
Brighton Pride LGBTQ+ Community Parade 2022
6 Aug 2022
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Thousands of people gather for the 30th Anniversary of Brighton Pride LGBTQ+ Community Parade in Brighton, UK on 06 August 2022. The theme for this year is 'Love, Protest & Unity'
The Rolling Stones / Sixty Tour / Berlin
3 Aug 2022
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The Rolling Stones perform live at Waldbühne, Berlin for the final night of their 'Sixty' Tour on 3 Aug 2022 in Germany
Fans at Women's Euros 2022 final / Wembley
31 Jul 2022
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Christopher Street Day / Berlin
23 Jul 2022
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Berlin Pride Demonstration (Christopher Street Day) took over the city of Berlin on 23rd July 2022. The organizers estimated that an estimated 600 000 people attended to protest for the rights and recognition of the LGBTQIA* community and against hate, war, and discrimination.~~This year's motto was ''United in LOVE''.
Hottest Day UK / Ashby, Leicestershire
18 Jul 2022
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Rave The Planet Parade / Berlin
9 Jul 2022
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An estimated 200.000 ravers joined the Rave The Planet Parade through Berlin's city on 9 July 2022.~~Dr. Motte, the original founder of the Love Parade, brought the political demonstration back to live, advocating love, peace, friendship, and diversity while raising awareness for electronic music and club culture.~~The parade consisted of 18 floats and is the biggest electronic mass rave in the world.
Right To Choose Protest / Bristol
3 Jul 2022
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Pride In London 2022
2 Jul 2022
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Extinction Rebellion / Amsterdam 2022
19 May 2022
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A demonstration against the fossil organized by XR, in Rotterdam, on May 19th, 2022. With this demonstration, the climate organization Extinction Rebellion (XR) starts a campaign to demand an end to the fossil industry and a climate-just transition. Hundreds of activists gathered at the Rotterdam central train station, and from there they marched through the city, including several artistic performances. This campaign will last until May 24th and will count on several disruptive actions, and workshops to demand emergency action against the climate and ecological crisis.
Pro-Choice Rally / New York 2022
14 May 2022
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Pro-Choice Rally in Foley square, a culmination of several pro-choice organizations marching in NYC. Thousands of woman's rights activists took to the street after a leaked Supreme Court document disclosed the probable overturning Roe v Wade. The decision would mean that abortion is no longer a constitutional right and will be left to the states to legislate.
Pro-Choice Rally / London 2022
14 May 2022
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Women marched from Parliament Square to the American Embassy in central London to stand in solidarity with their American counterparts to oppose the overturning of the Roe V Wade act, which will lead to a ban on abortion in states that choose to apply the new law.
Nakba Day or Catastrophe Day / London 2022
14 May 2022
12 files
Thousands gathered in central London to mark the annual Nakba Day, or Catastrophe Day. People also gathered to mark the recent killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.
London /Protest for Palestine 2022
14 May 2022
16 files
Protest for Palestine against Israels targeting of press, medical workers and civilians, London, England, UK
Cost of Living Crisis / UK
13 May 2022
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BP or Not BP, protest at British Museum, London. UK
24 Apr 2022
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Climate activists gather in the great hall of the British Museum in central London to oppose BP's sponsorship of the museum. BP or not BP consider that the ongoing sponsorship of the oil company is hiding the reality of their complicit promotion of contributing to climate change.
Amsterdam / Ukraine Solidarity Anti-War Demonstration
17 Apr 2022
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The Ukrainian community in The Netherlands performed a flashmob in Amsterdam city centre to highlight the devastating impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Protesters lay on the ground pretending to be dead to protest against the violence and rising death toll in Ukraine and to demand further sanctions on Russia.
Berlin/Let Afghan Girls Learn - April 2022
10 Apr 2022
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'Let Afghan Girls Learn' Protesters are gathering at Pariser Platz (behind the Brandenburg Gate), Berlin, 10 April 2022.
London/Extinction Rebellion - 9 April 2022
9 Apr 2022
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London - German Chancellor visits Downing Street
8 Apr 2022
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Downing Street, London, UK. 8th April 2022.~British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson welcomes the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to Number 10, Downing Street.~Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz are to hold talks on reducing dependence on Russian gas.~The meeting comes amid criticism of Berlin's response to the conflict in Ukraine.~Amanda Rose / Shot By Women
Berlin/Ukraine Solidarity - March 2022
28 Mar 2022
12 files
Protesters at Ukraine Will Resist Rally near Brandenburg Gate, Berlin are watching the international live stream on the main big screen. The number of protesters who are Ukrainian refugees has sky rocketed - we now see a large number of Ukrainian families with children attending protests. The protest comes 30 days after Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Thursday 24th March 2022.
Brussels - Europe for Peace Rally
27 Mar 2022
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National peace rally organized in Brussels, on March 27th, 2022. Numerous Belgian trade unions and civil organisations organized under the name 'Europe for Peace' a rally to denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of people gathered at the North train station to call for a ceasefire and a de-escalation of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. People also want to show their solidarity with all refugees.
London stands with Ukraine protest in London, UK - 26 March 2022
26 Mar 2022
27 files
Thousands of people marched from Park Lane to Trafalgar Square in solidarity with Ukraine as Russia continues its attack.
Amsterdam - Global Climate Strike 25 March 2022
25 Mar 2022
13 files
Three years after the first global school strike, signs of the youth climate movement's success are everywhere. #FridaysForFuture is a movement that began in August 2018, after 15 years old Greta Thunberg sat in front of the Swedish parliament every schoolday for three weeks, to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. In Amsterdam, not just students, but teachers, and climate activists, gathered in the city center to keep demanding better climate policy and to stop the destruction of the lands of MAPA (Most Affected Peoples and Areas).
Bristol - Safer Streets for Women & Girls March 24 March 2022
24 Mar 2022
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Sports News
22 Mar 2022
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Exeter Cathedral/ Life: Light and Sound Experience
22 Mar 2022
7 files
First night of Life: Light and Sound Experience at Exeter Cathedral, 22 March 2022
NYC/Mothers March
20 Mar 2022
22 files
The people of New York City gather on the streets in support of Ukrainian Children for 'Mothers March' on 20 March 2022
London - Child Q Solidarity
20 Mar 2022
14 files
Hundreds of Londoners gather in London's Hackney Town Hall for a solidarity rally supporting Child Q, the fifteen-year-old strip-searched black girl, and all the black girls that are daily adultified and dehumanised in England. Child Q's family has now launched civil proceedings against the Metropolitan Police and the school.
Warsaw/Ukrainian Refugees
14 Mar 2022
17 files
Refugees who have fled from war in Ukraine - Latest updates from Warsaw, Poland March 2022
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya speaks at Chatham House in London
10 Mar 2022
11 files
Leader of the Belarusian democratic movement Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, centre, speaks at Chatham House in London, March 10, 2022.
London/Ukraine Solidarity - March 2022
6 Mar 2022
64 files
London showing solidarity for Ukraine, March 2022. Shot By Chiara Fabbro and Cat Goryn.
Cardiff/Ukraine Solidarity - March 2022
6 Mar 2022
15 files
Cardiff showing solidarity for Ukraine, March 2022. Shot By Chiara Fabbro.
Amsterdam/Ukraine Solidarity Protests - March 2022
6 Mar 2022
11 files
Amsterdam showing solidarity for Ukraine, March 2022. Shot By Romy Fernandez
Amsterdam/International Women's Day - March 2022
5 Mar 2022
11 files
In the weekend leading up to International Women's Day, several organizations called for a demonstration to raise awareness of the importance of, among other things, sexual and reproductive rights, the climate, and to stand up against violence and sexually transgressive behavior. Hundreds of women and men gathered at the Dam Square in the city center to make a collective sound heard.~Shot By Romy Fernandez.
Oxford/Ukraine Solidarity - February 2022
27 Feb 2022
10 files
Oxford shows its solidarity with Ukraine. Shot by Linda Wride.
New York/Ukraine Solidarity - February/March 2022
27 Feb 2022
33 files
New York shows its solidarity with Ukraine with a protest for Peace in the Ukraine in Times Square. Shot By Syndi Pilar.
Berlin/Ukraine Solidarity - February 2022
27 Feb 2022
30 files
Berlin shows solidarity with Ukraine. Shot by Svenja Block.
Russo-Ukrainian Conflict
25 Feb 2022
39 files
Women's Rights
22 Feb 2022
84 files
22 Feb 2022
33 files
17 Feb 2022
55 files
16 Feb 2022
179 files
Climate Fight
14 Feb 2022
147 files
Cardiff/National Education Union Girls Day School Trust protest - February 2022
10 Feb 2022
9 files
National Education Union Girls Day School Trust members picket outside Howell's School, Cardiff in protest against plans to remove the Teachers' Pension Scheme. Shot By Natasha Hirst
Cardiff/Kill The Bill Protests - January 2022
15 Jan 2022
23 files
Cardiff's 'Kill The Bill' protests by the John Batchelor statue in the Hayes, Cardiff city centre. Shot By Natasha Hirst
Covid 19
17 Nov 2021
144 files
17 Nov 2021
728 files
The Deniers
5 Nov 2021
9 files
PX3 State of the World 2021 Award winner. The series captures a moment of protest during the first year of the Covid 19 Pandemic. In November 2020 the UK was still in strict lockdown. This, although supposedly the Million Mask March (an annual anti government demonstration) became what was noticeably the first anti-lockdown, anti covid protest. The police response was swift and aggressive and the protest was stifled within a couple of hours.
London/Refugees Welcome - October 2021
23 Oct 2021
17 files
Refugees Welcome march by Amnesty UK. LONDON, UK. 23rd October 2021. Shot By Chiara Fabbro
Milan/Fridays for Future - October 2021
1 Oct 2021
20 files
Grassroots movement Rise Up 4 Climate Justice had occupied the main entrance of Milan stock exchange during the Fridays for Future march that passed through the square in front of the building. October 2021 Shot by Laura Larmo.
London/Global Movement for Peace in Afghanistan - August 2021
28 Aug 2021
16 files
Activists from the Global Movement for Peace in Afghanistan gather in 41 cities across 17 countries to stand up for Afghanistan, demanding the expansion of the airlift effort for the evacuation of people threatened by the Taliban and a stop to deportations to Afghanistan. Shot By Chiara Fabbro. London, UK. 28th August 2021
Milan/COVID-19 vaccine demonstration - April 2021
10 Apr 2021
14 files
Different activist groups organized a joint demonstration in front of Pfizer's Milan offices to demand unblocking the COVID-19 vaccine patents in order to facilitate vaccination in poorer countries. ~a series related to a volunteer group performing free coronavirus swab tests in Milan, Italy.~Shot by Laura Larmo
9/11 Attacks / New York 2001
11 Sep 2012
25 files
September 11, 2001, NYC. Four US airplanes were hijacked by members of the Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda with the intent of carrying out suicide missions to US locations in Washington DC & New York City. Two of the planes were flown into the Twin Towers in New York City, inevitably taking both towers down & killing 2, 753 people & injuring thousands more.~~I remember that morning so vividly, I woke up to a message on my answering machine from my ex-boyfriend - "something happened to the towers get your camera and go out!" I can see the towers from the street I live on, still not knowing exactly what happened I turned on the news just as the 1st tower fell. I immediately ran out down Sixth Avenue the whole-time having the 2nd Tower in sight. When I stopped, I was probably still about a mile and a half away & watched in horror along with hundreds of other New Yorkers. Within a few minutes I started to hear a gut-wrenching low rumble, and with that the second tower came down. These photos were taken the day of and the days following.
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