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Michela Sartini (1988) is a free-lance photographer and videomaker.
Her work focuses on contemporary social issues such: LGBT+ rights, feminist movement in Italy, gentrification in Italian cities. Since 2016 She is commited to her personal on-going project 'AnalogItalia', a photo-project that inquires urban and socialogical changes in Italy through analog cameras. She is also a director and video-maker, her works (in italian) are: Liver&Onion. Un racconto d'Appennino (2022), Feritoie (2021), La città è tranquillissima (2019).
Michela lives in Bologna where she collaborates with Communications agencies and NGOs for photo and video services.
Handle https://www.shotbywomen.com/@michela-sartini
Location Bologna
Specialisations documentary, music, portraiture, news, landscape, events, travel, street
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