About me

Originally from Tlaxcala, Mexico, currently a resident of Mexico City, specializing in concerts, self-portraits, portraits, and street photography.
Photography has followed me and I have taken it to every moment of my life since 2012.
I collaborate as a photojournalist for different media covering events and music festivals such as Vive Latino for three consecutive years, Tecate Coordenada, Festival Catrina, Tecate Comuna, Festival Internacional Stop Motion (official photography), and more.
On the other hand, my connection with music and photography makes me experiment with self-portraits, drawing inspiration from song lyrics and emotions, capturing them in photographs.
In 2020 I start working on series of self-portraits and portraits incorporating elements such as characters and fanciful settings as self-expression.
Handle https://www.shotbywomen.com/@
Location CDMX,México
Specialisations music, portraiture, arts, street
Available for commissions
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