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I have been communicating through photography since picking up a camera in school and losing all my free time in the dark room. Documenting life as I've gone through it, mostly on film, through the 90's and 00's adopting digital format in the 2010's.
I shoot digital format and 35mm and medium format film. Recently I have been using large format and cyanotype processing. I am a certified drone pilot giving me a whole new perspective to work with, and make audio recordings.
I travel making documentary films, for blue chip clients, specialising in science, natural history and expeditions, taking me to interesting places and giving me interesting angles and insights along the way. My work has taken me to every ocean, and to the top and bottom of the earth. I treasure meeting people, and connect with them and their lives, noticing the normal and sometimes overlooked, and putting them in the picture as equals to any. I have a love of wildlife, and capturing the wider environment is as important to me as the animals within.
My stills images have been globally published, editorially in news, and magazine features. Recently winner of 'Capture the Extreme' competition with Shackleton clothing and Leica, and shortlisted in Earth Photo 2021
Handle https://www.shotbywomen.com/@tamarastubbs
Location Somerset, UK
Specialisations documentary, portraiture, landscape, nature, education, travel, street
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