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I’m Ella Sophie - a San Francisco Bay Area based commercial photographer. Specializing in photographing women and products, in studio and on location.My images have a bold and powerful aesthetic that does not cater to the male gaze. With a detail oriented focus on how light, form, and texture work together.I have a foundation in fine art and a fascination with advertising. Bridging the two worlds has always been a puzzle worth solving. The driving force behind my work is empowering women and creating a better, more just world.A note on power... powerful doesn't always mean loud, in your face, brute force. My definition and understanding of power comes from seeing the force of a peaceful protest. Watching the subtle drip of water erode a rock face. Or how a delicate flower can grow strong in the harsh desert. Power can be quiet, and subtle while achieving great things.
Handle https://www.shotbywomen.com/@ellasophie
Location San Francisco
Specialisations fashion, still life, portraiture
Available for commissions
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