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My name is Rebeka and I'm the girl behind the camera. I was born and raised in Hungary by my loving and kind family. In 2017 I moved to the Czech Republic and having been living in Prague ever since. I've always been interested in photography, and my passion has grown when I bought my first analogue camera - a Minolta XG 1 - a little over a year ago (before that I had used a Polaroid OneStep 2). Six months later, I was finally confident enough that photography was something I wanted to pursue; it gives me peace, happiness, and a deep satisfaction, and I constantly strive to become better in every part of my life thanks to the inspiration I gain from my friends. Since then, I've learned how to develop films and pictures for myself, how to build a darkroom at home, which and how many chemicals I need to mix together, in order to bring life to my negatives, how to play with Lightroom and Photoshop, and what it really means to be truly passionate about something. So here I am, with a Sony A6000 in my hand, ready to take that next step. As one of my dear friends once said to me, 'I do my best and hope for the best'.
Handle https://www.shotbywomen.com/@rebekakarda
Location Czech Republic
Specialisations portraiture, landscape
Available for commissions
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