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Bárbara Barrera Mexican photographer began her studies at the Active School of Photography, later conducting improvement workshops among which are The Poetic Image of Robert Blake, Creative Production Workshop taught by Mariana Dellenkamp. He has worked for different advertising agencies, architectural firms among others. In addition to photography, he has worked in film and television production, with a master's degree in cinematographic realization and script and acting workshops, working professionally in the aforementioned fields.

+CARAS exhibition in different venues in Mexico City.
In 2013 it was presented in the exhibition ARTE 40 in its 5th edition, based at the La Esmeralda School and the National Museum of the Arts.
In 2015 he presented himself in the collective exhibitionAcercamientos al Cuerpo with 5 selected images.
In 2016 he joined as one of the artists of the Artes Visuales México gallery, in addition to participating in the collective exhibition Painted Faces at Adriana Maar Gallery.
2017 Del Cielo y la Tierra, is the artist's last solo exhibition, presented at the Pedregal Cultural Center, in Gallery 557.
​Collective exhibition Cities and Realities. Colegio de México. Bibilioteca José Vasconcelos (COLMEX).
2018 Collective exhibition Woman at the V&S gallery.
​Collective exhibition Urban landscapes. Etching Gallery.
Collective exhibition Urban Horizons. Casa Chihuahua Gallery.
Publication Parsimonia Magazine Fifth edition.
WORLD WOMEN'S DAY. Collective exhibition. 2019. DLonngi Art Gallery.
PHOTOGRAPHY AND COLLAGE. Collective exhibition. 2019. DLonngi Art Gallery.
THE BEST OF LOVE. Collective exhibition. 2019. DLonngi Art Gallery
Pandora at the End of the World. Collective virtual exhibition. 2020. Alchemy MX.
Cosmopista Magazine Publications. 2020
Handle https://www.shotbywomen.com/@
Location Mexico City, Mexico
Specialisations fashion, landscape, nature, entertainment, arts
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