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I'm Linda, photographer since I was very young, started off with film photography and dark room printing at 17. A passion that through the years luckily became a job. I'm based anywhere my work takes me and always happy to travel. I have worked all over Europe, and overseas, my clients are based in Venice, Milan, London, and Cote d'Azur. I specialised in creating bespoke images for businesses, artisans, creating portraits to documenting events, to food and interiors. I collaborate with NGOs to raise awareness towards people in need: from children in education, women empowerment, migrant and refugees, discrimination against gender. I taught photography at Waltham Forest College and collaborated with Naba Milan, and offer private photography lessons.
Handle https://www.shotbywomen.com/@lindascuizzato
Location Nice, Venice, London
Specialisations documentary, fashion, portraiture, entertainment, events, travel, street
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