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I am a Sussex based photographer providing imagery for the entertainment industry. My working time is split fairly evenly between London and Sussex although I have worked all around the world; from Europe covering the BAFTA's, Glastonbury, Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals, to the USA covering The Oscars.I am equally comfortable on Location, on set or red carpet as I am in a studio working with all levels of entertainment creatives; from grass-roots film makers & musicians to behind the scenes technicians to Hollywood A-listers.Most of my personal work has been in conjunction with charities, travelling as far afield as The Democratic Republic of Congo recording post conflict NGO support work.I grew up in North London where my father worked in the press so I was used to seeing just about every newspaper every day and grew up being inspired by the photography in The Times and other Sunday supplements as well as Life Magazine and National Geographic.Passing knowledge & experience on is very important to me and so I am proud to say I am on the Board of the British Press Photographers Association, helping to improve the image and practices of working press photographers. I also educate by writing a widely read “technical” blog detailing my use of Fuji cameras and other equipment as well as giving talks about Press (and other aspects of) Photography to camera clubs and groups. My work is regularly featured in UK publications (magazines and newspapers), and often appears in the international press, books and on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray booklets and covers.You may commission me to provide you with unique Public Relations and Event Photography via my agents at Female Perspective agency. Should you prefer you can email or phone me direct, through the website/social links.
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