Tips & Tricks for Contributors

Shot By Women archive aims to span all areas of photography. The field in which your content sits is irrelevant. However, we do have a few useful tips to consider when shooting, editing and submitting your content.

select & prep

Quality over quantity every time!

Please don't add too many similar images. Choose the best two or three max unless they are part of a story set of images.

Image size & file type

minimum 3000pixels on the longest side, at 300dpi. Save as high quality Jpeg.

Don't over edit your content as this can limit sales potential. Customers can change sharpness, brightness, contrast etc according to their needs. Avoid vignette's and borders.

adding commercial value

Model/property release: Always try to get a signed commercial release where relevant (buldings/models). This will permit your content to be licensed for commercial use for a much higher sale value.

Exclusivity: submitting images exclusively/co-exclusively to shotbywomen will increase potential for commercial sales.

what to shoot

Diversity in ages, genders, sexualities, abilities/disabilities, ethnicities, groups, styles, demographic groups, equal and fair representation.

Challenge conceptions by contrasting unusual subject matters, or portraying people in unexpected lights (Sporty elderly people, women in high-profile positions, men in caring roles etc)

Humanity family, friends, romantic, human relationships.

Elements of everyday life such as technology, people at work.

Emotions laughter, tears, anxiety, distress.

decide how to shoot it

Experimenting with these can make your images stand out from the rest:

Point of view extreme angles, down from above, or up from below. Through a window, reflections, birds-eye view.

Depth of field for throwing backgrounds out of focus, or keeping everything pin sharp.

Exposure for movement or to freeze.

Focal Length zoom in to get close, or wide for landscapes.

Framing look around the whole frame before you shoot. Watch out for spoilers. The focal point of an image doesn't have to be central.

things to consider

Clear space above or below for branding or text to be placed

Flat lays/table tops where products can be placed

Background images patterns, abstract detail etc

Branding in your image can limit volume of sales but could be used to pitch to a specific brand.

Timely News/current affairs/seasonal/occasional. Timelessness, and anonymity. Ambiguity opens your image up to a multitude of applications.

Colour or Black and White? Shoot in both and consider the strengths of either and how they apply to individual images.

We hope you have found these general tips useful. Rest assured we will be sending more in our contributor newsletter. Including trending topics and customer request updates.

For now though we wanted to leave you with our top tip...

get your creative juices flowing

Seek out new inspiration. Browse our galleries. Get out there and shoot those passion project ideas you have been putting off for so long. Enjoy every moment and we can't wait to see what you create.